Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your items from?

We source from all around the UK. From private sellers to antique stores, we spend a lot of time carefully selected the most special vintage pieces.

Why should I buy vintage items when major UK retailers sell similar items?

Major UK retailers buy mass, cheap, low value items, which are manufactured on a huge scale with little care for the environment or standard of quality. By shopping from More Things Vintage you are choosing a more sustainable, quality and keenly curated item which will stand the test of time for more years to come.

We want to breathe new life into the beautiful quality items from years gone by, and try to put an emphasis back to longevity and away from this disposable culture which is so readily available within our society today.

We mention it a lot, but the items on More Things have a different quality from what you can find brand new in stores today, and we want to share our findings with more people to love and enjoy.

How do you ship your items?

We use Royal Mail and we chose a tracked service which requires a delivery notification so you know when your items has arrived.

How to you pack your items?

We don't have branded packaging and are trying to use sustainable sources to send our items by reusing boxes which we already have.

If you haven't selected the gift wrap option, you may get your item in a box branded with another brand. We also reuse packing materials.

Do you do gift wrap?

We offer a gift wrap option at checkout. It's an extra £5 and have some examples of what our gift wrap looks like here. Within the note section during the checkout process please write what colour ribbon you would like on your gift wrapped item.